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Alpha Leads Plus ~ Affiliate Program

Adding Alpha Leads Plus to your current affiliate promotions can be a great addition to your income base.

Fact, the one problem all Affiliate Marketers have in common; they need more leads to build their LIST.

Most affiliate products only offer you a commission once. Because our lists are updated monthly, you can now promote to your list the same offers, and receive a commission month after month, year after year.

Your sales are protected by a 90 day cookie. Any orders that are placed within the 30 day period will automatically qualify you to receive a commission.

As an Alpha Leads Plus Affiliate you will receive a 20% commission for every sale you make from any of our 6 List Packages.

Getting started is easy!

  • 1) Register an account with OSI, our Affiliate Manager
  • 2) Subscribe to our Alpha Leads Plus Affiliate Newsletter
  • 3) Get your custom links and promote!

Promote Alpha Leads Plus List Packages

Begin promoting our products with your unique affiliate link:

  • With your current list
  • Social Media
  • Paid Advertising

As an Alpha Leads Plus Affiliate, you will be responsible for all advertising costs.

You will receive a 20% commission for every sale associated to your unique link.

Alpha Leads Plus Affiliate

  • Your links are protected by a 90 Day Cookie
  • Affiliate commissions are paid weekly

What you will receive:

  • 20% off all lead packages. Call customer support for discounts
  • Email Swipe Files
  • Promotion Banners
  • Access to your personal OSI Affiliate Dashboard

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