We are a provider of leads for Network Marketers

We offer Opportunity Seeker Leads to take your business to the next level!

Are you looking for more people to present your product or business opportunity to? As you know in any network marketing based business, your success depends on how many people you bring into your personal network as customers and or business builders.

You can now Lead the PACK!

With one of our Lead Packages you can now build that dream team to help you reach your goals.

Our Lead Packages are great for:

  • Network Marketers
  • Recruiters
  • Work-at-Home Agents
  • MLM companies
  • Home-based business
  • Any business that needs more leads!

Our lead packages come in CSV format with:

  • First and Last Name
  • Street Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Fresh new leads that are delivered every month that are not recycled so you can attract new people into your business opportunity!

Popular Lead Packages

Business Opportunity Seekers Lists for as low as .025¢ per lead

Alpha 1000

1000 Biz-Op
Seekers List

  • One Person
  • Updated Monthly
  • Average 36 calls per day
  • .099¢ per lead

Alpha 6000

6000 Biz-Op
Seekers List

  • Team of 6
  • Updated Monthly
  • Average 36 calls per day
  • $55.00 per team member/month
  • .055¢ per lead

Alpha 12K

12,000 Biz-Op
Seekers List

  • Team of 12
  • Updated Monthly
  • Average 36 calls per day
  • $45.00 per team member/month
  • .045¢ per lead

Alpha 28K

28,000 Biz-Op
Seekers List

  • Team of 20
  • Updated Monthly
  • Average 28 calls per day
  • $35.00 per team member/month
  • .025¢ per lead

Dear Network Marketer,

You have been working hard to build your business. Your “warm list” of leads has gone dry and for some, your friends will not invite you to their next outing, fearing you will be pitching your business opportunity, instead of enjoying yourself like everyone else!

Not only do we understand your frustration but we did something about it! For nearly two years we worked side by side with network marketers just like you and showed them exactly what they should be doing vs. what they were doing in trying to grow their network marketing business.

When we asked the question, “what is the main reason why you are struggling?”, the answer was the same! Here is what they said, “I am not talking to the right people”.

The real problem is, they were not talking to ENOUGH people! All successful network marketers will tell you, "this is a numbers game". The more people you connect with the greater the chance you will gain an audience to present your product or business opportunity.

The Solution!

This is where Alpha Leads Plus can help you by solving both problems. Not only will you be connecting with the “right” people, you will also be reaching out to “multitudes” of people! We have hand crafted 6 lead list packages to make it more than affordable for any size team.

Our lists are commonly referred to in the trade as "Business Opportunity Seekers Lists". Our Lists are designed to provide you with three key elements in marketing your business. First, We provide you with the First and Last Name with a physical address. Second, you will have the person's Phone Number and third, an Email Address. With these three elements, you now have the ability to market in three different ways.

The most common question we get is "how good are your lists?". What we can tell you is this, our lists are updated and parsed monthly with real; names, physical addresses, phone numbers and email addresses that are current at the time we compile them.

We cannot guarantee you in any way you will make a sale. There are too many factors that are beyond our control as people's needs and interests are different. If you understand the nature of marketing and understand the "numbers game" then you should not take issue with this guarantee, in fact, it should be well appreciated! We believe in 100% transparency!

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